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You Only Have Four Problems

With Dr. Vincent Parr






Testimonial from David

“As much as you take care of your body physically with working out and training it’s just as important to have good mental health and this is a key to good mental health. I’d say if you have the opportunity to buy The 4 Blocks program to jump on it. Unless you’re totally happy being miserable, and if you’re just totally fine struggling with life, then you don’t need it. But if you want to find a peaceful way of living, a happy way of living. It’s mandatory. Get it. Soak it all up. And it’ll be the best thing that ever happened to you.”
_David,Former NFL Player
John photo testimonial

Testimonial from John

“John has been in and out of therapy most of his life He has taken. Medication for years. All different names When I met him I saw a man that just needs mental, awareness. To, learn how his emotions were created. And how to, let them go. He was blaming everyone and everything for the way he was feeling he was in a real downward spiral. I gave him access to, the course and I hoped he would take the time to try it After 2 weeks I called him and he was so excited he took the course and was making all, kinds of improvements. If you or a loved one are suffering you at the right place”
- Neil Schauer. (Co-founder and Producer)

Testimonial from Priscilla

“I’m more at peace with myself. I don’t stress like I used to. When you can recognize where your emotions are coming from, it can help you feel at peace. Dr. Parr really, really helps.”

Testimonial from Bob

“I was thinking too much, and [afterward] it was like a big rock was lifted off my head. I could be more me, be free.”

Testimonial from Rodriguo

“I think I was overly aggressive, overly angry. Anxiety was a loyal companion in my life for many years. There are two Rodriguos—before Dr. Parr and after Dr. Parr. If you want to be happy, go buy it!”

Testimonial from Gerda

“I give all this credit to The 4 Blocks, and to my son and granddaughter for taking the time to do it and make the changes in their life. I know they’ll never regret it, because I don’t.”

Testimonial from Guy Sr.

“I certainly would recommend it because this is basic education, they ought to teach it in first, second, and third grade. So that the kids don’t have to unlearn later what they’ve learned from observing their peers.”
_Guy Sr.,

The 4 Blocks to Happiness Mastery Course

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Learning how you create unhappiness is more than half the battle to having a mind of peace and joy. In this course, Dr. Vincent E. Parr, a clinical psychologist and recognized leader in Rational Theory, will teach you to master the negative emotions that blocking your happiness. To this end, he provides groundbreaking, easy-to-follow explanations, formulas, tools, and examples to apply to your everyday life.

The 4 Blocks course is based on decades of research and application of logical, rational thinking. Building on the work of Dr. Albert Ellis, Dr. Parr’s program uses Rational Emotive Behavior Theory to address how we create and maintain our emotions. He then explains how we tell ourselves stories about our environment that can damage our emotional and mental health. Finally, he’ll show you how to replace negative beliefs with rational thoughts and radical acceptance. As a result, you’ll learn how to create happiness with two simple, memorable formulas.

This course is for anyone experiencing emotional pain. Dr. Parr has used these techniques with patients for over 50 years with astounding results. The solution to the pain caused by anger, anxiety, depression and guilt is quite literally in your hands. You’ll discover how reading, practicing, and applying these techniques will help you master your emotions and create a mind of peace, happiness and joy.


  • Why we hold the thoughts, feelings, and beliefs we do
  • Three insights into how we create our emotions
  • How to challenge unhealthy, irrational inner dialogue
  • The formulas for how we create and can manage anger, anxiety, depression, and guilt
  • Two simple formulas for mastering happiness
  • Practical methods for meditation


  • Over an hour of video lessons from Dr. Parr with word-for-word transcription
  • Audio of all video lessons as well as podcasts for on-the-go reference
  • Readings from Dr. Parr’s book You Only Have Four Problems: What your therapist doesn’t tell you.
  • Printable worksheets, exercises, and charts
  • Helpful visuals and animations

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