you only have four problems audio book

Audio Book : You Only Have Four Problems – The Complete Manual of the 4 Blocks Course


By: Vincent E. Parr

Discover the Science of Human Emotions

We all think we have thousands of problems preventing us from having a happy, meaningful life, but the truth is we only have four. Four problems—no more, no less. And it’s true for every person on the planet! Different things make different people happy, but we all create unhappiness in the exact same way. If we want to have a mind of peace and live a life of ultimate contentment it’s critical to learn how we create these emotions and how to manage them. In this simple and elegant manual, Dr. Parr radically turns modern psychology on its head. Offering vital clarity on the cause and management of the global mental health crisis, Dr. Parr teaches us the science of how we create negative emotions and what we can do to rediscover peace, purpose, and joy.