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Learning how you create unhappiness is more than half the battle to having a mind of peace and joy. In this free sample of the 4 Blocks to Happiness course, Dr. Vincent E. Parr, a clinical psychologist and recognized leader in Rational Theory, explains how we create and maintain 100% of our emotions, and how, through rational thinking, we can challenge the beliefs that cause our suffering and achieve happiness and peace. He provides groundbreaking, easy-to-follow explanations, formulas, tools, and examples to apply to your everyday life.

The 4 Blocks to Happiness Mastery course is based on decades of research and application of logical, rational thinking. Building on the work of Dr. Albert Ellis, Dr. Parr’s program uses Rational Emotive Behavior Theory to address how we create and maintain our emotions. He explains how we tell ourselves stories about our environment that can damage our emotional and mental health. Finally, he demonstrates how to replace negative beliefs with rational thoughts and radical acceptance.

This free introductory course is for anyone looking for an affordable, natural solution to emotional distress. Dr. Parr has used these techniques with patients for over 50 years with astounding results.  If you read, practice, and apply these techniques, you will learn to master your emotions and create a mind of peace, happiness and joy.


  • Why we hold the thoughts, feelings, and beliefs we do
  • Three insights into how we create our emotions
  • How to challenge unhealthy, irrational inner dialogue


  • Nine sample video lessons from The Four Blocks to Happiness mastery course
  • Excerpts from Dr. Parr’s book You Only Have Four Problems: What Your Therapist Doesn’t Tell You
  • Exercise worksheets
  • Helpful visuals and animations
  • A selection of track from The 4 Blocks podcasts

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  • Skill level All level
  • Language English
  • Students 319
  • Certificate No
  • Assessments Yes


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